Visiting Lisbon

Cable car over Lisbon zoo


In September 2015, my sister and I decided we wanted a cheap holiday where there was plenty to do. We’ve always loved city breaks but also wanted to visit somewhere with a beach. After scouting the internet for a couple of weeks, we settled on Lisbon, Portugal. It seemed perfect, a beautiful city with good night life and the beach was just a short train journey away. Wanting to keep within a budget of £300 per person for flights and accommodation for a week, we started to look at hostels. My sister liked the idea and price of a hostel, but not the whole sharing a room with snorers part. For this reason, we only looked for private rooms, this meant it was a bit more pricey, but still a lot cheaper than a hotel.

We found Equity Point Lisboa hostel on ( which was perfect for us, at £137 each for 7 nights in a private room and in a fantastic central location. As we would be spending most of the holiday seeing what Lisbon had to offer, we just needed a base to drop our things and somewhere to sleep. We flew with easyjet from Liverpool John Lennon airport, and managed to find a suitable return for £110 each, including one suitcase between us. It definitely helped that we booked after peak holiday season to get it so cheap.

There is plenty to do in Lisbon, the highlights for us were the Gulbenkian orchestra, who performed a free concert at the remains of the Carmo convent. We went for a look around earlier in the day and were told if we returned at 5pm, they were giving out free tickets for an evening performance on a first come first served basis.

The Gulbenkian orchestra performed a free concert at the Carmo convent

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