Ankara on Everything

I was lucky enough to be accepted onto an International Citizen Service (ICS) placement with Voluntary Service Overseas earlier this year. I spent three months volunteering in Nigeria and it was the most wonderful experience. I really miss how colourful life is over there, helped by the vibrant clothing made from ankara fabric. I went a little crazy over there and came home with almost 30 yards of fabric in different prints (it was only about 1500 naira/ £4.50 for 6 yards- so cheap!) so I am thinking of creative uses for it to brighten up my home.

While in Nigeria I visited the Nike art gallery in Lagos where I saw the most FABULOUS chair and I was determined to attempt to recreate it when I got home. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a spare chair or the space for one, so I decided to make my plain stool a bit jazzy.

Fabulous Chair in Nike art gallery, Lagos













I didn’t really have a plan, I just started cutting strips of different patterns and gluing them to my stool, it ended up working quite well and I enjoyed the added perk of being able to peel the pva glue off my hands once it had dried (reliving primary school art classes). You can see the end result below.

Jazzy Stool
Jazzy stool again











I also made a garden decoration by sticking fabric to tin cans and hanging them from branches, I admit not the most inspiring bit of garden furniture, but it did brighten up our plain back yard a bit. I’m already thinking of what I can upcycle next!

Garden decorations from tin cans

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