Simple Jeans to Denim Pencil Skirt Refashion



This was my entry to The Refashioners 2016, the challenge was to turn a pair of jeans into something new. I was inspired by my mum’s entry to the challenge (she asked me to model her entry, which you can see here- There are some super creative entries, people must have spent weeks on some of their creations, you can see them by searching #therefashioners2016 on Instagram or Pinterest.

Finding myself with a few spare hours on a Saturday morning and a pair of jeans donated by my lovely sister, I created a simple skirt using denim salvaged from the legs of the jeans and some leftover ankara wax fabric I had brought back from Nigeria. This was a really simple first project, honestly my expectations weren’t too high, so unfortunately I don’t have any before photos or progress photos.

In total I spent about three hours making the skirt from start to finish, in between cups of tea and cursing the sewing machine every time I had to re-thread it. Initially I was going to do two large denim front panels with smaller side panels of the Nigerian fabric, but unfortunately there just wasn’t enough denim so the back is half denim, half ankara. However, I quite like it and think it makes it a bit quirkier, so far I have worn this skirt to a party and took it on a weekend away in Dublin, so I think this makes it a success!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. helentristam says:

    The denim and the Nigerian fabric look good together.


  2. Skatsz says:

    Loving the mixture of Ankara & jeans!


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