I currently live in South London and work in fundraising for a youth volunteering and education charity. I also volunteer as a mentor to a young person once a week.

This blog is an avenue of documenting my life in the years after graduating from university, finding my way in the third sector and exploring lots of places on a budget!

I’ve lived in Warrington, Sheffield, Nigeria, Manchester and London in my 25 years and have a huge love for all of them.

I’ve a passion for volunteering, having spent 15 months as a full-time volunteer between 2016/17. At a rough guess I’ve clocked around 2,300 volunteer hours in the past couple of years, go out and volunteer – it changes you for the better!

I’m a former charity shop manager and VSO Nigeria returned volunteer. Love travelling, all things second hand and messing around with a sewing machine. I’m capable of rambling, a lot.

Engaging in this act of self indulgence because if I don’t write then it’s only a matter of time before I become incapable of forming sentences. Anyway, pretty sure nobody reads this but my Mum (hi Mum).

Alison (all views my own).